Your Complete
Anesthesiology Solution

More than just anesthesia services for hire – we help you streamline and
simplify your department while improving service and satisfaction.

Looking for a better way to get top anesthesiology talent into your ORs,
reduce turnover times, and improve patient outcomes – all with lower costs
while running leaner? Meridian Medical Solutions is the answer you’ve been searching for.


Reduce Cost

Be more competitive with 70% labor cost savings.

Increase Quality

Exceptional processes, support and talent make it easy.

Scale Fast

Start with one or more staff & scale quickly to meet demand.

What We Do

Meridian Medical Solutions is here to help you meet and exceed your anesthesia goals. Our focus is on providing clinical excellence, enhanced OR performance, and full patient and provider satisfaction. We have a full team of dedicated professionals and years of experience behind us to help you.

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Anesthesia & Beyond

While there are many anesthesia groups that provide professional services,
there are very few that have the desire to grow and become partners with the facility and work as a team.


We Employ Top Providers
Bringing Experts to You

Schedule Your Consultation

In your initial consultation, we’ll talk about the specific needs of your hospital, surgery center, or clinic. What problems are you looking to solve? We’ve seen them all, and we know how to help. And we’ll decide together how Meridian Medial Solutions can best serve you.

Get an Action Plan

Then, we’ll build your customized action plan to get you the skilled professionals you need while creating a lean, efficient department administration. From our deep network of expert providers to our administrative and business consulting expertise, we create the custom plan that works for your needs.

Serve Patients and Providers with Better Care

Finally, we’ll put your action plan in place together. You’ll be serving your patients and providers with better care while lowering overhead. And you’ll never be surprised with a bill – all our costs are completely transparent and clear, so you, your patients, and your providers all have peace of mind.

Ready to find your complete anesthesiology solution to improve care and lower costs?

Providing Excellence in a
Pay-For-Performance World

You know it all too well – it’s hard to run a successful anesthesiology department these days. With the high overhead costs, the struggle to attract highly-qualified anesthesiologists, the increasing burden of complex California regulations, and long OR turnover times, it can feel like there’s no way to win.

But when you have the right partner – like Meridian Medical Solutions – it’s possible to have it all. Our comprehensive solution provides the skilled staff you need, lowers overhead costs, manages your regulatory burden, and increases patient and surgeon satisfaction. Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it – read reviews from hospitals, clinic, and surgery centers like yours.


What Others Say About Us

Our committed staff assist Hospital Leadership during transition of hospital
based services and introduction of new services.

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