How an Anesthesia Management Company Can Streamline Your Practice

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In this article we’ll look at optimizing efficiency within your healthcare practice when you partner with an anesthesia management company.

But first, a flight of fancy – and let’s hope it’s a long way removed from your reality!

When Anesthesia Management is Missing

Let’s imagine an ordinary anesthesia department as a busy intersection with multiple lanes of traffic. Each vehicle represents a different aspect of anesthesia operations, such as scheduling, documentation, communication, and resource allocation.

This intersection can quickly become chaotic, with “vehicles” vying for space and causing congestion, delays, and potential accidents. Frustration hums tunelessly in the air.

Lack of both coordination and a streamlined system at the intersection is not only inefficient but leads to resentment!

Now, picture the same intersection after a transformation.

Someone has introduced strategic traffic lights, clear lane markers, and a centralized control system. The once chaotic intersection now operates smoothly and efficiently. Everything moves seamlessly, traffic flow is optimized, and everyone reaches their destination safely and in a timely manner.

Your frustrated hum has been transformed into well-arranged melody!

If you dislike living with risk, an anesthesia management company is a great option to consider!

So – let’s look how anesthesia management services can streamline your practice by:

  • Identifying workflow bottlenecks and streamlining processes
  • Leveraging technology for efficient anesthesia management
  • Enhancing collaboration and coordination between anesthesia providers and healthcare teams

Partnering with an Anesthesia Management Company

When you outsource the management side of anesthesia as well as anesthesia staffing, you need to look for – and partner with – a company that has a deep understanding of the business of healthcare.

Here are three ways such an anesthesia management company will streamline your practice.

1 Identify Anesthesia Workflow Bottlenecks to Streamline Processes

To be effective and efficient, a professional anesthesia service will conduct a thorough assessment of the following:

Scheduling inefficiencies

The scheduling of anesthesia procedures can sometimes lead to bottlenecks if not optimized. For example, overlapping surgery schedules or inefficient block time allocation can result in

  • delays,
  • extended waiting times for patients, or
  • underutilization of resources.

This is not cost-effective for your survival.

Documentation challenges

Paper-based or manual documentation processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

You end up with difficulties in locating patient records, managing consent forms, or capturing and documenting anesthesia-related data accurately – which leads to inefficient delays in patient care. This, too, undermines your ROI.

On the other hand, when you outsource to an anesthesia management company, their years of specialist experience make it second nature to assess a situation and implement streamlined processes to prevent bottlenecks.

They utilize workflow management tools – including up-to-date software (see #2 below) – to monitor and measure performance via KPIs to maintain constant process improvement. This is something you may simply not have time to oversee.

2 Leverage Technology for Efficient Anesthesia Management

Up-to-date electronic health record (EHR) systems or anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) are essential in the current economic climate.

Another essential is to integrate technology solutions that enable real-time data sharing between your anesthesia providers, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. This facilitates seamless coordination and communication (see #3 below).

Leveraging technology also means utilizing mobile applications or platforms that allow anesthesia staff to access patient information, record data, and collaborate remotely, promoting flexibility and efficiency.

An anesthesia management company may also explore the use of predictive analytics or machine learning algorithms to optimize your

  • anesthesia scheduling,
  • resource allocation, and
  • patient flow.

However, you deserve to expect smooth adoption and utilization of any technology solutions! Make sure your chosen company provides training and support to your healthcare staff to ensure efficiency.

3 Enhance Collaboration and Coordination Between Anesthesia Providers and Healthcare Teams

You anesthesia management company can facilitate regular meetings or huddles involving themselves, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to

  • discuss patient cases,
  • review protocols, and
  • address any concerns or challenges.

Secure messaging platforms or teleconferencing tools can also foster seamless and timely communication – and handover – between the anesthesia company and your other team members.

This interdisciplinary collaboration of open dialogue, sharing best practices, and fostering a culture of teamwork leads to quality improvement in anesthesia. This, in turn, enhances your reputation for efficiency!

Meridian Medical Solutions is the Anesthesia Management Company You Can Trust

At Meridian, our streamlined management processes offer you a comprehensive solution to help you move from ordinary to transformed!

We not only provide skilled staff but also lower your overhead costs, manage the burden of complex California regulations like the AB5 (and more) – and increase patient and surgeon satisfaction in your facility with streamlined anesthesia management.

In other words, we’re more than just a group of anesthesiologists-for-hire but an experienced administrative and management group.

If you feel you don’t have the infrastructure to handle administrative duties as efficiently as you’d like, why not partner with us as your business consulting arm? Schedule a consultation today and let’s talk!

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